The enemy has attacked your naval warships and with the help of one of the largest air craft carrier, they are about to enter in your sea water for the final warship battle. They need to be stopped those global terrorists before they invade the whole country. Terrorists are backed by the helicopters and their special squad on the motor boats.

Your job as an elite rifleman is to protect your countrymen from the brutal army, and kill the terrorists in this ultimate bắn súng arena shoot off. Being equipped with the latest machine gun and rocket launcher, you need to destroy their warships, soldiers, motor boats and helicopter. There are waves after waves that won’t let you settle down.
Losing this naval battle between warships is not acceptable, you need to win at any cost.
The mission is called “Navy warzone”

Top game features

-Multiple modern weapons
-Armors to protect
-Life kit
-Air strikes
-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, motor boats
-Challenging missions
-Machine gun and upgraded RPG
-Optimized controls
-Realistic 3D environment
-Real sound effects