A corporate city is densely populated and has countless banks in it. Banks are
always full with people, some are withdrawing money and some are there to
deposit millions in their accounts. Gangs of the bad guys decided to make them
their target and rob the banks in the day time with heavy Weaponry in the
urban areas.

It’s a thoughtful game that’ll make you crave to get the looted money back and
become the city hero. Being a Police shooter you would need to take a hard-core
action with your weapons against these ruthless gangsters.
This is a crucial bank robbery crime case and you have to complete all the tasks
while showing your commando skills. The robbers and thieves can Run from the
bank and get in their vehicles to exit the town. Cops and The Robbers are both
genius and this is upto you now if you lose or if you keep the heads of your team
up with pride.

The eyes of the bank staff and the visitors who got in the bank are at you. The
time is less in these kind of operations and you have to aim with your sniper rifle
and just shoot or catch them alive for further interogation. We trust in your
shooting skills and we know you could get the looted money back before its too