Get ready for getting into free 3d action gun combta game to explore your super commando skills. While getting trained at the same time by the best army of the world & become the universe defender. United States Army Basic Combat Training or BCT (also known as Initial Entry Training) is conducted to train the new resources for enemy hit list and make them ready for the worst situations in the battles and wars during crisis action strike. Prove your sniper free action in Royale battle theme war and win the medal in battle. This is a super action frontline special counter terrorism sniper battle game of 2017.
You have been selected as a sniper shotgun hero soldier for this casual combat sniper free training. This critical combat training mission isn’t easy as it brings along a lot of gangster assault hardships to make you a super bravo shooter commando. Super commando’s army rescue team has special sniper rifles skills when it comes to close combats in military operations. Never back down during finding the thief, terrorists & gangsters. Never give up because last commando survival in counter terrorism action fighting is important. We have to prepare a great batch of super-secret agent elite commandos who could defeat the enemy forces. Enemy forces attacked on sniper attackers in a proxy war and defeated American sniper soldiers, but now we are up to a strong retaliation and we would hit hard. Frontline commandos & bravo sniper shooters have some super skills in here.
Army training is a tough one and last chance to fight with sniper enemy with all the weapons and snipers assault in warriors battlefield. Aim and shoot the enemies by targets in sniper battle Royale and make your aim just like that it is the last hope for survival. You would be trained for modern assassin strike assembling and disassembling the heavy weapons while on the Army training. You would be blindfolded sniper and asked to prepare your weapons for rocket crisis and hold your positions in modern fight. Super soldiers are never defeat-able, so infiltrate and infiltrate good. In the strike, be courageous, be ferocious be the super heroes of the US Army. Train yourself for the infiltration mission of super military operation. In Super Commando sniper Army Training it’s all about weapons and a hardcore life. Show your incredible breathtaking training skills in order to destroying the pulse of enemies by instant firepower & become city sniper 2018 war shooter. So, download & play ultimate sniper bumping shooting assassin game.
• 3d environments sniper shooting environment
• Real life top notch sound effects
• US Army commando training tactics
• Super training courses
• Addictive gameplay
• Challenging & breathtaking Missions
• Chance to use multiple weapons